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About Trainer Talk

Where freelance trainers come together to connect and collaborate in a friendly and supportive community that means you never have to face the fun of the freelance roller coaster on your own again! 

Trainer Talk is a monthly membership where Trainers can meet virtually and in person to celebrate, commiserate and provide advice, support and encouragement to each other. 

Founded by Sharon Gaskin in 2010, the Trainer Talk community has grown year on year to be the number one resource for trainers who want to grow their business and navigate the challenges of freelance life.

Community members describe Trainer Talk as a lifeline that keeps them sane and many of them say they wouldn't still be in business without it! 

Why You Should Join Us

Have you ever felt like no-one understands the challenges you're facing? 

Or that no-one is listening to the great stuff you're putting out there? 

You don't know who to turn to, to talk about marketing, pricing, or what to put on your website, social media etc. 

And who you can talk to when it all feels too much?

Trainer Talk is a community of people who get you, get it and help you get on with it! 

What Our Members Say

"A network which is mutually supportive, massively knowledgeable and hugely inspiring. Whenever there is a 'I don't know what to do' moment, there is always someone to hand that will offer advice or support." Anj Jowitt 

"The support network on social media and in person through Trainer Talk Live is invaluable, and I genuinely enjoy being part of a group of like-minded individuals". Becky Shaw-Simms

"I am a member of the Trainer Talk community and it's not exaggerating to say that it's the single biggest reason why my business remains successful." Sheridan Webb 

"We all help each other, no competition, just sharing best practice, thoughts and help wherever we can. I have made great relationships with other trainers who have introduced me to their clients when I have skills that complement theirs." Shelley Fishel 

"I highly recommend Sharon Gaskin and the Trainer Talk community and only wish I had joined from the start of my self-employment journey!" Natalie Houlton 

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